CAD Management / Document Control

Space Coast Drafting can provide your business with various types of document control or CAD management consulting services. Correctly maintaining all of your company's documentation is vital for every business. In many cases maintaining complete and accurate records along with maintaining the folder and file structure integrity for your project is required by your projects contract or for your company to meet or maintain ISO or other national standards.

Another very important area that organizations must also implement is having the appropriate document control policies and procedures in place and that employees are trained and fully aware of how the system works.

CAD management is an area that can be complex and misunderstood by most, but it plays a vital role in maximizing your employee's time, their drawing and cad modeling accuracy, and consistency in the work and designs that they produce.  Having a system in place that employees know, understand and use will contribute to saving your company time and money.

Some services that we can help you with include:

  • Set up and organize a CAD vaulting system or file & folder structure if you choose to not use a vaulting software.
  • Assist with Developing ISO documentation to become ISO certified
  • Drawing checker
  • Develop a Document Control System & associated procedures specifically for your organization
  • Review your company's engineering needs & provide computers and CAD software for your team
  • Develop company templates and standards
  • Develop drawing trees and organize configuration management of product design
  • Other tasks requested by your organization that are not listed