3D CAD Modeling

Today's engineering standard requires that most projects be completed using 3D CAD models.

CAD modeling is essential for just about every project in industry these days and by selecting the right individuals or company to help you with your CAD modeling needs, it can either save you lots of time and money or cause a project additional expenses and delays.

It is important that smart CAD modeling practices be used when creating project parts and assemblies. Smart modeling includes creating CAD models with the definitive part features in mind and systematically creating the part / assembly in a way that the integrity of the model is sound, that proper constraints are used and that no unnecessary part features or sketch planes are left or suppressed in the CAD model once it is finalized.

In addition to the smart modeling practices mentioned above, it is important to harness the power of the software and make sure the all the physical part properties and attributes are incorporated into the part model. This would include such data as part material; density, finish, etc. To take this a step further, incorporating Digital Product Definition Data Practices Y14.41 – 2003 into your CAD models might be something you want to consider for future growth and manufacturing practices.

No matter what size your project is, from a single part to a thousand part assembly, simple to complex, Space Coast Drafting can support your 3D CAD modeling projects and provide you with clean models meeting all your company standards and practices.